iLASIK is the combination of the state-of-the-art laser technology; Intralase Bladeless Laser, the custom-made Wavefront and eye-recognition technique. iLASIK is completely custom-made. Everything is performed based on the vision quality of the patient. Technology employed by the iLASIK method is exceptionally secure.

The first stage of iLASIK technology is the determination of characteristic features of your vision depending on the tests which include also "Wavescan - Custom Made Treatment". Wavescan system prepares a three-dimensional map of the patient's visual disorders. As a final stage, a patient-specific laser operation is performed referring to the digital data obtained from such map owing to the custom-made operation procedure (Advanced CustomVue™). The most significant feature of this method is the "Eye Recognition System", which is a securely employed system ensuring recognition of both the patient and the eye using the images of iris that is the colored layer of eye. Laser device recognizes the patient and the eyes, and if the data is incorrect it does not start the operation. Laser device also recognizes the rotational ocular movements and rotates its own treatment profile and places the correct laser spots to the correct points ensuring a high success rate, particularly in patients with astigmatism.


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