Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond laser technology enables treatment of patients who have thin corneas (outer layer of the eye) and high diopters. Using a closed surgery technique, this layer is removed by accessing the interior of the eye through a 3.8 mm laceration forming a fine lenticula without the need to lift a flap from the cornea. The refractive error is corrected when the shape of the cornea is changed by removing the lenticula, which has been created inside the eye. ReLEx Smile laser method provides quick, painless and safe treatment preserving the natural shape of the cornea. It is the most ideal treatment for sportsmen, who are at risk of being struck in the eye and who are exposed to pressure.

Specifications of SMILE Laser Method:

• Suitable for high diopters (myopia and astigmatism)
• Excellent protection of corneal biomechanics
• Suitable for thin corneal structure
• Easy flapless operation with closed surgery technique
• One step operation
• Safe recovery
• Fastest laser technology with 500 kHz
• Most natural results


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