The world is opened in the Netherlands!

Dünyagöz Hospitals Group, opened the new hospital in Amsterdam Zuidas.

In the 23rd opening in Amsterdam, insured and uninsured patients will now be able to get eye health services by contacting Dünyagöz Amsterdam for refractive surgery, laser treatment, lens implants, eyelid correction and anti-aging treatments. Jacco Vreogop; "Two times a year to visit the dentist is considered natural, unfortunately we neglect our eye health and we only see a problem in our eyes appear to doctors. Our eyes are one of our most important organs, which allows us to see all things that are happy for us, as well as being the window of our body opening to the world. For this reason, we should not neglect our eye health and perform eye examination once a year." says..

Services of Dünyagöz Amsterdam;

  • International Eye Dentist Network
  • Detailed examination and treatment services
  • Advisory hours, including evenings and Saturdays
  • Possibility of treatment with ReLEx SMILE eye laser technique
  • Convenient access by public transport (Tram 5, Metro 51 and station Zuid)


Address information:

Worldeye, De Boelelaan 1065, 1082 SB Amsterdam

+31 85 029 00 11,,

Worldeye Amsterdam