Dünyagöz Sakarya was opened in May 2015 with the aim of meeting all eye health-related needs of the people of Sakarya. Located in the heart of Sakarya, Dünyagöz Sakarya offers comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services in all eye-related branches with state-of-the-art equipment and with its physicians and team who have experience with thousands of cases.

Dünyagöz Sakarya draws attention with its modern building and inpatient rooms that provide the comfort of a 5-star hotel, and offers car park service as well.

You can contact the call center, fill in the information form or get help from online support to obtain detailed information about the services provided at Dünyagöz Sakarya.

You can contact our call center or get support from our appointment unit to make an appointment with Dünyagöz Sakarya.

  1. Cafeteria
  2. VIP Room
  3. Car Park
  4. Valet Service
  5. Satellitte Broadcast
  6. Wi-Fi