PHACO is another technique used in the treatment of cataract. With this technique, entry into the patient’s eye is made through a small 2.2 mm incision. "Viscoelastic gel", a special liquid, is used during the cataract surgery. "Viscoelastic gel" ensures that the natural lens is detached from other layers of the eye without causing any damage. It is for single-use only and may not be used on another patient.

The intraocular lens that has lost its transparency is broken up within the eye by a machine emitting ultrasonic waves and sucked out. A foldable, artificial lens is implanted into the eye. Since the incision is small, no suture is needed. Due to the risk of infection, both eyes are not operated on the same day. A minimum of a 2-day interval is recommended between the operations of two eyes.

FDA-approved foldable intraocular lenses and FDA-approved Viscot liquid (viscoelastic gel) are used at Dünyagöz Hospitals Group. Cataract treatment is a vital operation that requires microsurgery. The success of the surgery depends directly on the experience of the doctor, sterilization of the operating room and sterilization and quality of the supplies used.