Since strabismus has many causes, treatment changes from person to person. Strabismus is an eye disorder which can be treated at any age.

Treatment with Glasses

Some types of strabismus develop due to a refractive error. Strabismus is corrected when the patient starts wearing glasses. The use of glasses is sufficient in these types of strabismus.

Treatment with Patching

This treatment method can be used if the patient has lazy eye.


Orthoptic treatment

Orthoptic treatment

Orthoptic treatments involve physical therapy for eye muscles. They are used to strengthen some muscles and enhance binocular vision. Enhancing binocular vision fixes or recovers depth perception. This function of the eyes ensures that eyes are aligned and has a very important role in our daily life. For instance, it helps us be more comfortable and successful while driving or in sports that require distance and time management, such as basketball and tennis.

Surgical intervention

Congenital strabismus often doesn't require the wearing of glasses and should be operated at an early stage (6 months - 1 year of age). The majority of strabismus cases appear at around 2-3 years and are usually completely corrected by glasses. Surgical treatment is required for strabismus which doesn't improve with glasses. Strabismus surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. Anesthesia is given by doctors specialized in pediatric anesthesia. Lazy eye can be prevented and 3-dimensional vision can be achieved with early diagnosis and treatment in strabismus. Therefore, a child with suspected strabismus should be taken to an ophthalmologist specialized in strabismus before waiting for him/her to reach a certain age.


Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX) can be used for the treatment of strabismus in some cases. Botox is effective and can be used for treatment purposes in palsy-related strabismus, in patients who have undergone surgery but could not achieve total recovery and in patients whose eyes are misaligned due to thyroid eye disease. Double vision often accompanies strabismus which develops suddenly due to palsy and it is a very difficult condition for the patient. In this kind of strabismus, the general tendency is to wait for 6-8 months but Botox can be used to improve double vision during this waiting period. Complete recovery is possible if treatment is started immediately after strabismus develops.