- When should babies have their first eye examination?

Take your baby for an examination at 1 year old even if he/she has no complaints. This examination protects the baby from amblyopia.


- Are the eyes harmed if one uses a computer for a long period of time?

The prevalence of allergies, dryness and blepharitis increases in people playing computer games or working on their PC/laptop for extended hours. This may also trigger far vision problems. Intermittent rest and blinking is necessary.


- What are the main signs of eye diseases?

Symptoms of eye diseases include watery, itchy eyes, pain, difficulty in reading, writing seeming blurry, eye- and head-ache, tilting one's head when reading, squinting and focusing problems.


- How should the working environment be lit?

Use soft yellow lighting in your working environment. Sleep in a dark place so that your eyes can rest.


- Can eye diseases be transmitted by makeup?

Don't share your makeup. Conjunctivitis, also known as pink eye, can be transmitted by other people's makeup such as eye shadow, eye pencil and mascara.


- Are colored eyes more sensitive to the sun?

People with colored eyes in particular are more sensitive to sunlight. The incidence of redness is higher in people with colored eyes than others. Therefore, using sunglasses is more important for people with colored eyes.


- Is the sunlight and looking at the sun harmful for the eyes?

Too much exposure to sunlight leads to opacification of the lens, cataract and macular sensitivity over time. Protective sunglasses should be used under direct sunlight.


- What should be done in case of impact to the eye or a foreign body entering the eye?

Do not rub your eye if you are suddenly struck in the eye or a foreign body enters your eye. If available, wash your eye with normal saline; if not, wash it with plenty of water and consult an ophthalmologist.


- Can diseases be transmitted by tears?

Do not wipe away other people's tears. If that person has redness in the eye, excessive watering or swollen eyelids, that could be infectious. If you have come into contact, wash your hands with soap.