Phakic intraocular lens implantation is a trusted treatment method which helps those whose eye structure is not suitable for laser treatment rid themselves of their glasses or lenses, and provides precise and reliable results in people with high myopia and hyperopia. At Dünyagöz Hospital, phakic lens surgeries are performed by specialist doctors using the world's highest quality intraocular lenses.

Based on the principle of implanting an artificial, corrective lens inside the eye, this method is sometimes combined with Lasik surgery. Myopia from 7 to 25 diopters and hyperopia from 5 to 13 diopters can be corrected.

Who is eligible for phakic lenses?

Phakic lens surgery is suitable for people older than 18 who don't have glaucoma, retinal disorders or cataract. The final decision as to whether a person is eligible for this treatment can be made after a detailed eye examination and examination of the corneal tissue through special analysis.

Technique of Phakic Lens Surgery

Phakic lens surgery lasts nearly 20 minutes for each eye and the patient feels nothing under anesthesia. A minimum of a 7-day interval is allowed between the operations of two eyes and the eye remains bandaged for only 1 day after the operation. The bandage is removed by the doctor the next day and the patient's vision becomes clear enough for them to resume their daily activities without wearing glasses or lenses.

The lens implanted in the eye is clear and made of a material which is compatible with ocular tissue, without causing any problems in its lifetime. These intraocular lenses cannot be seen from the outside after the surgery and the presence of the lens cannot be felt by the patient either.