The customized bladeless SMILE laser is an advanced laser technology method in myopia and astigmatism which enables treating myopia up to -10D and astigmatism up to -5D. It is the ideal treatment method for athletes and professionals who are at risk of being struck and exposed to pressure.

Properties of the SMILE Laser Method:

  • Treatment of myopia up to -10D and astigmatism up to -5D
  • Superior protection in corneal biomechanics
  • Suitable for thinner corneas
  • Convenience of incisionless operation with a closed surgery technique
  • Single-step surgery
  • Safe recovery
  • The fastest laser technology with a rate of 500 kHz
  • Most natural results

Stages of the SMILE Laser Treatment Method:

  • Using the Zeiss Visumax Femtosecond technology, a thin lenticule (disc of tissue) is created inside the eye's front layer (cornea) in a single step.
  • The surgeon removes the lenticule out of a 3.8 mm opening made on the cornea. There is no need to cut a flap.
  • The refractive error is corrected when the shape of the cornea is changed by removing the lenticule which has been created inside the eye. Since no flaps are created, corneal biomechanics are affected less compared to other laser surgeries. It is the SMILE technique which provides the strongest corneal biomechanics following a laser surgery.