Since its establishment in 1996 until the present time, Dünyagöz Hospitals Group has been providing service, for 365 days and 24 hours, for all eye-related or eye-contour-related health problems, in all specialties of eye by the virtue of hundreds of different treatment methods it has been employing. Dünyagöz provides eye-care service at 23 eye-care centers both in Turkey and Europe by the virtue of its state-of-the-art technology, experienced medical team of 200 members composed of academic members and specialists and more or less 2.000 staff as well as its contemporary management mentality.
Dünyagöz is the first specialized chain of Eye Hospitals in Turkey and first and only eye group to receive JCI accreditation regarding its quality of patient care and management of the organization and consequently proved that it has been providing such service to its patients which is in compliance with the international health quality standards.

Dünyagöz, also with TÜV and ISO certificates, is operating with FDA approved devices. Surgical materials are only for single use. Dünyagöz offers eye health services to 500 thousand patients and 80 thousand eye surgeries in 240 different treatments in all fields of eye care annually. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group gives service, within the scope of medical tourism, to almost 40 thousand foreign patients coming from 107 countries all around the world. The group has accomplished Turkey's the very first and biggest investment in the ophthalmology field in Europe, in Frankfurt and intends to spread around a wider-geography opening new the hospitals in the near future.